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Cored wire production

Cored wire is a relatively new product. It began to be used no earlier than thirty years ago. During the cored wire manufacturing process; adequate tools first form a steel strip into a channel. Then the filling device fills it with filler. The channel filled with filler is formed so that it gets a turn-up, which is then closed. Thus , a pipe is made from a steel strip. Other tools calibrate this pipe and wind the coil. The filled pipe or its profile has been’ manufactured. Due to the English terms (cored wire) , it is called “polna / strženska žica” in Slovene. The cored wire is manufactured on special dedicated fully automated production lines.

Cored wire application

Cored wire is designed for liquid metal treatment in steel industry, foundries and in other metallurgical production. The type of the filler, with which a cold rolled steel strip is filled up, primarily depends on its further use. The most widely spread filler for manufacturing the cored wire is silico calcium for steel industry and inoculants and nodularisers for foundry industry . In addition, many other alloys, metals, non-metals and the most varied mixtures of these materials are used as fillers.